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alterego_thon's Journal

Multifandom Alter-Egos Ficathon
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Wave II Now Open! (info here)


Back-story –
As I was listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack the other day I remembered a fic I wrote years ago (Gundam Wing) set to parallel the film’s story. That got me thinking about the amazing fics in The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1 fandoms I’ve read that mimic the storylines of various films/plays/novels. Thus the idea of this ficathon played in my head.

What this is –
This ficathon is based on the idea that you write your fandom-of-choice with a plot based on or paralleling a film/novel/play. The idea is to keep your fandom characters as close to their original selves as possible, but place them in a different plot and setting. The cast of Stargate SG-1 set to the story of A Knight’s Tale? Or you can keep them in their usual setting but having the plot worked in. What about the cast of House playing out 10 Things I Hate About You / Taming of the Shrew at PPTH? The variations are endless! There are no prompts for this ficathon so you are free to choose your details.

All fandoms, all pairings, accepted. (Okay, one exception because it is absolutely one of my top squicks: no shota pairings. In other words, please no child/adult pairings. That means please no pairing up Harry and Snape unless Harry is over 17.) Slash, het, femslash, threesomes all accepted.

Wave II Dates:
Sign-ups: Until September 1, 2008
Preview event: November 15, 2008
Posting: January 15-31, 2009

Wave II
Rules & FAQ
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